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Health and Accident Plans

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Umbrella and Boat Insurance

Keep your vessel protected at all times with a variety of vessel plans

Serving and preserving the Marine Industry

The Marine Trades Association was formed and exists to serve worldwide member firms in the marine industry. The main goal of MTA is to seek ways to reduce the cost of doing business. By increasing your profits the MTA achieves its goal of keeping the marine sector healthy.
Membership is open to any individual, organization or company regardless of their size or position in the marketplace. The sole governing criteria is that their business is maritime related. Your business can be located in any country.

This broad definition can include sailors, boatbuilders, sea-captains, marina owners or operators, yacht brokers, commercial fishermen, marine freight forwarders, fishhouses and processors, maritime attorneys, diveboats, marine surveyors, marine mechanics, charter operators, scuba stores, shipping lines, marine construction firms, underwater demolition experts, riggers, sailmakers, marine artisans, and so on….

In brief, if you or your business operates in the marine environment or serves the marine industry you can be a member.

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